Let Me Share the Secret to Cash-Flow Investing

If you haven’t taken the opportunity to listen to the podcast I did over a year ago with my friend, Mike Koenigs, you will want to today. Mike is a 13-time bestselling author and the expert who helped me dream up and create the concept for The Lifestyle Investor.

Mike Koenigs — Think about what you do that’s unique?

This man knows more than you can ever imagine about building low-risk, passive income streams. Is life easy, or did all this knowledge come easy to Mike Koenigs — no. But the knowledge can come easy to you when you take a quick listen right here.

Within the Lifestyle Investing principle is learning about living more and living better — that’s a quote from Mike Koenigs.

Mike also taught me to avoid taking huge risks and embrace the JOMO (Joy of Missing Out). He helped me with the idea to make my podcast platform and wanted me to make it in this space. Anyway, I really appreciate all of his help, input, and collaboration he gave me.

When you begin a project, it helps to have someone in your corner who has incredible, creative ideas, and a person who will be a great support to you. That is what Mike Koenigs has been for me.

One thing we talk about is how one-single-behavior can change your life. Mike talks about how sometimes it isn’t really losing money that is the problem, it’s not gaining the leverage that you need at the right time to make it all happen for yourself.

Mike talks about diving timing — what a concept! When people say timing is everything — it’s so true. When Mike and I met in Fuji, we had never met each other before, and it was less than a year later that we started working together. We have been working together for a couple of years — and what evolution and a breakthrough in my life.

Let Me Share the Secret to Cash-Flow Investing

One of the biggest problems with finding the secret to cash-flow investing is that people don’t know much about it, especially at first. As a result, the secrets seem to evade you, but you will find many mysteries in the podcast.

You will also find that it is not all that hard to invest correctly and not lose money if you surround yourself with the right people. So I always say, “surround yourself with the who, and the who helps with the how.”

Create Leverage by Multiplying Each Other’s Skillset

Mike and I recommend the book: Dr. Ben Hardy wrote Who Not How with Dan Sullivan. The idea in the book is how powerful collaboration is if you take two people and you can create competition-free collaborative zones.

Mike asks: how do I make more money and build a passive income stream with the least amount of risk? He also reminds me that it is never too late to start investing.

If you’re an investor, you’ve really got to stay open and have a beginner’s brain because right out of nowhere, someone’s going to come along with some ideas and some concepts that are subtly nuanced from the mainstream. –Mike Koenigs

To have great cash-flow investing, you will want to work as fast and hard as possible to combine any strategy and knowledge into your plan. So, first, expose yourself to hundreds of books with all kinds of authors with different mindsets. Then, you’ll hybridize all those thoughts through your own unique lens, and what you come up with will have an excellent chance to become something worthwhile.

Your greatest resource in any venture that you undertake will be your network. Never stop working and building on it.

Remember to look in unusual and non-obvious places when looking to invest. Ask questions; many questions.

You May Be Sitting on a Goldmine

Mike Koenigs says that when you sit down with someone, seek to understand them. He has worked at creating information products and businesses out of ideas for so many years that the ideas just flow when he seeks to understand.

When you talk with someone and learn how they think, you have learned a different mind and can look around your own world and see opportunities that you wouldn’t have seen before; when you seek to understand — and actually understand something, you are sitting on a goldmine.

Get a Group Together

When you get a group together to invest within that group, this will give you even more leverage than you had before. For your homework today — think about getting together 25 or 50 investors and then pulling all those resources together. Who do you know? Who do you trust that you could get together with and build resources that will provide you with the ability to build something special together?

Learn a Lesson From Everything

This podcast is chock full of so many tidbits from Mike. He takes, and applies a lesson from everything. Like a couple of days before our podcast interview, Mike was riding down a bike trail, fell off his bike, hit a pile of rocks, and broke his collarbone. He was in crazy pain, but he still showed up for the podcast interview. Mike said, “Duty is in the classic line — the show must go on.” Wow!

If every person took the statement, the show must go on,” for their motto, and showed up for work, the whole world would be in a better place. But, instead, Mike said, “I learned about how important all the pieces are.” Meaning: all the pieces of building wealth.

Cash Flow Investments

Learn to say, “Hey, I don’t do equity investments, but I do cash flow investments.” — Mike Koenigs

My last little plug on cash-flow investing is this — I call the stock market a risky asset because it’s unpredictable. If people only put money in the stock market for the long haul, their wealth might be okay — but people usually don’t put the investment in stock and leave it there, they move it all over the place. Therefore, rarely is the stock market done correctly.

One of Mike’s plugs is, “The number one big takeaway to directly answer the question is equity-only investments are something I never do any longer. I’ve got to have some additional kickers and some protection in there to make it make sense.”

So, go out there, build your group, and make yourself some cash-flow investments.

Image Credit: Tima Miroshnichenko; Pexels; Thank you!

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