Your Life Was Designed to Be Free

How many people do you know who are so financially strapped that they are practically squeezed to death? Is living with zero financial maneuverability freedom, or is living from paycheck to paycheck living your best life? No, of course not.

Part of living a free life is designing your life and lifestyle to be freer so that you have the ability to make some choices for yourself, your family, and your friends. And, yes, there is a certain amount of luck to the strategy of designing your life — and for sure, it’s a whole lot of work.

The power is really in capital. If you get the capital you have the opportunity to shape the world. This is something that people don’t talk about enough. You have a seat at the table when ou have capital. — Arman Assadi

If you like that quote, you will find it in the podcast I did with Arman Assadi — and you can gain a whole lot of knowledge and know-how from this podcast. But, if you really want to learn how to live free — you will want to have a quick listen to Arman Assadi.

It really is fun o build businesses and invest and make money — but it must be a means to an end, and you have to know what future you want. So many entrepreneurs get trapped in the all-day, all-night working cycle, and they become trapped, not free.

I’ve said this many times, but one of the reasons we spend so much effort building our businesses is so that in the end, we can buy our time back. The whole point is to have a cash flow to live the lifestyle you desire — that is freedom.

Living With Purpose and Intention

When you are making a lot of money, it’s never quite as great as you think it will be if you don’t find a way to buy back your time. Many people pay a very dear price with their time. It’s essential to build your life by investing so that the hours then become yours.

Gaining mastery over your time and making it yours gives you the freedom to spend, spend, spend that time on those you choose. You can spend your time more meaningfully reading and learning or traveling. My favorite thing is to learn — well, and to teach others what I know so their lives can be easier too. The point is, you will have a choice.

What’s Your Idea

One of the most incredible things I learned on the day of the podcast from Arman is how creative he is with ideas and philosophies — it’s essential to have the correct perspectives to guide your life.

I like that Arman has taken beautiful ideas from various places and made them his own. He loves being a student and an academic and then sharing the journey.

True Financial Freedom

Are you doing what you really love? Arman pointed out that many people spend the best years of their lives not doing what they love.

In the younger years, most entrepreneurs have a ton of energy and clear thinking but probably work many more hours than they want to and have the tendency is to be too afraid to make the moves that would bring them financial freedom.

The Trap

What is the purpose of the dollars? Arman Assadi said this so well. You are trading your time and labor for those dollars, which allows you to live.

What you want to learn is learn the purpose of that cash and those dollars. The purpose of that cash needs to be to make a few good decisions every year to build true wealth. You will want to build assets and have a stock portfolio — or other assets so that you become a little freer each year.

As Arman says, “You have to accumulate assets to create true leverage in your life where one action or one decision can create a 10x outcome for you. You don’t want to be in the trap.

What Would You Do if Money Were No Object?

Arman asked this question on the show, and it’s so profound. He mentions that employees, as well as entrepreneurs, should ask this question of themselves. Most people will do whatever it takes to get capital, and they are only lucky to do what they love.

The suggestion from Arman is that every person should begin very early in life asking themselves what they would do if money were no object? Then, the earlier and faster you can align yourself with what you love, the happy your life can be, and you won’t become “insanely depressed through the journey.”

It is a truth that if you follow your heart, natural energy will flow, and that flow will begin to create and follow a positive feedback loop that will lead you to make more money.

The Growth Mindset for Freedom

You’ll hit many downdrafts and obstacles on your entrepreneurial journey, and some will appear devastating to you — but you can pick up and go on. Learning the lessons to continue in a better path is part of a growth mindset; to know you can lose big-time, but you will fix what you need to and move on is essential to growth. And you will be a whole lot smarter in the next round because of the lessons you have learned.

I think what I loved best with my interview with Arman Assadi is how profoundly he thinks and how he comes up with essential thoughts on life and business through deep contemplation. His opinions and beliefs are his own, and he is a true original.


At the end of our conversation, Arman said that there is a power a person activates in themselves when they finally acknowledge, “I’m going to die.” Then you can ask yourself what you will do with the time you have — and if you “like your today’s?”

If not, it’s time to make a change in your life. Choose freedom.

Image Credit: Anna Tarazevich; Pexels; Thank you!

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