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“The tax savings alone are worth the membership. The team inside is incredible. Justin does a tremendous job vetting people and not just letting anyone in. And the amount of time that it saves on one’s investing career...”

Jonathan Ingram
CEO & Founder of RoboRewards

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What if you could easily 10x your wealth and freedom using a simple, proven, repeatable process?

Hi there! 👋 If you don’t already know me, I’m Justin Donald.

I consult with entrepreneurs, executives and hard-working people from all over the world and show them the fastest way for achieving real wealth and financial freedom.

(All without working a job or waiting until retirement...)

For the past few years, I’ve been privately coaching select groups of ambitious investors on how to start:

Building a highly-profitable cash flow portfolio by providing access to my deal flow and network.

Attracting, negotiating and maximizing deals confidently using proven tools and strategies.

Enjoying passive income streams today so they can ditch their soul-crushing careers already.

Learn tax & investing strategies that will pay off for years to come

We go through all of it together and more inside my exclusive program The Lifestyle Investor Mastermind...

Get hands on help WITHIN our community

The Lifestyle Investor Mastermind is a Community that’s perfect for anyone who is looking to go beyond the book, courses and podcasts and:

Master the art of cash flow investing

Build a portfolio that lets them leave their job

Connect and work with trusted advisors

Skip out on making expensive mistakes

Learn and grow with others (instead of alone)

If that’s how you’re feeling...

Then this mastermind is your ticket for bringing your perfect lifestyle to life within a fraction of the time it would have taken on your own.

If you’d like to apply to get into this exclusive community, click the button below to get started today.

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financial mastery

The Lifestyle Investor Mastermind gives you the space for building your confidence, skills, network and portfolio — all in one spot

The moment you join, you’ll be able to work side by side with other mastermind members and bring your vision for real wealth and better living to life with:

Business Mastery: Learn how to acquire, scale, manage, outsource and exit a business, through multiple members with years of experience
VALUE: $40,000

Designing your Portfolio: So that your portfolio is perfectly aligned with your dream lifestyle and personal values.
VALUE: $20,000

Asset Armoring: How to prevent predators, maximize tax savings and leverage unique safe strategies so your investments keep growing for good.
VALUE: $30,000

Super Invisible Deals: Get access to my highly-curated deal flow spanning across multiple asset classes and negotiate for terms that no “outsider” could ever hope to get.
VALUE: $20,000

My Top 25 Deals: Save time on reviewing opportunities by using the power of the community to vet deals as a group and hear due diligence questions from our industry expert mastermind members.
VALUE: $30,000

10 Commandments Mastery: Discover how to protect your principal, increase equity, negotiate better terms and maximize immediate cash flow across all your investment opportunities.
VALUE: $30,000

Championing Capital: Learn to leverage capital and reduce risk like a seasoned pro (while getting connected to our network of VCs, bankers and firms).
VALUE: $20,000

Time Optimization: So you’re always keeping lifestyle first by maximizing efficiency by delegating time-consuming tasks whenever possible.
VALUE: $20,000

Elite Level Structuring: How to structure your finances into asset protected, tax optimized vehicles using my exclusive referral-only specialists and vendors.
VALUE: $30,000

10x Networking: Get connected and profiting with high-value investors right away with exclusive access to my world-class network.
VALUE: $30,000

Monthly Strategy Stacking: Discover unique investment strategies every month and get the exact steps for compounding your net worth.
VALUE: $30,000

Elevated Access: Learn the language for gaining privileged access to seasoned investors, thought leaders and "insider” opportunities.
VALUE: $20,000

Document Library: Grab proven templates and forms for any deal or situation (so you can skip on starting from scratch and get straight to signing right away.)
VALUE: $100,000

Elevating Experiences: Accelerate your growth by attending our monthly mastermind sessions, annual live retreat and various member meetups and calls throughout each year.
VALUE: $30,000

And whatever else we can dream up!

If accepted into the mastermind, you’ll have the momentum you need for achieving wealth, time and lifestyle freedom faster and greater than ever before.

Total Value


Mastermind Price

$55,000 / year

(With option to renew annually)


Here are the steps for getting you from winning your first deal to profiting off tons of bigger, better ones instantly...


Building Your
Best Blueprint

Establishing your first year goals

Clarifying and confirming your Freedom Vision

Create your investment criteria

Create your target Asset Allocation Percentage


Compounding Your
Confidence Quickly

On-boarded and introduced to our community that host all our resources including over 300 hours of content.

Analyzing real-life opportunities

Reviewing unique investment strategies

Breaking down the exact process for putting it all into action

Providing You With
High-Impact Introductions

Sharing with you my personal network of investment, tax and legal advisors

Connecting you with business specialists, service professionals and vendors

Facilitating powerful deal opportunities for you by inviting trusted players from my circle


Powering Up
Your Portfolio Fast

Access to our curated Mastermind Deal Flow

Showing you opportunities with “invisible deals”

Allowing you to jump into as many deals as you want

Getting Your
Cash Flow Pouring

Structuring your investments for MAX tax savings

Helping you reinvest capital strategically so you can keep on growing

See your passive income grow quickly

Modeling Your Mindset For Investing Mastery

Hear from my advisors to help you steer clear from the “stupid tax”

Pointing out pitfalls to you so you can avoid any expensive mistakes

Teaching you how to conquer your fears so you don’t miss out on any wins

Leveling Up Your
Lifestyle Freedom

Helping you create more time and energy in your life

Providing you with powerful saving strategies

Showing you how to earn, live and give way more

Building Beyond
Your Starting Success

Inviting you to more advanced deals as you mature in your investing

Introducing you to bigger investors and better environments

Increasing the quality and quantity of your deal flow

Amplifying Your
Wins With Abundance

Investing in your growth by inviting you to my deal meetings and advisor sessions

Connecting you with founders and CEOs from my own portfolio

Guiding you towards Lifestyle Investing mastery beyond the mastermind

Total Value


Mastermind Price

$55,000 / year

(With option to renew annually)

With The Lifestyle Investor Mastermind, you’ll get the guidance, resources and relationships you need to start 10x’ing your wealth and freedom right away

To summarize

If you don’t invest in yourself, no one will...

I must’ve invested nearly $1,000,000+ in my education over the decades...

… attending hundreds of trainings to learn from the best coaches and experts around the world.

Definitely not bragging about that, by the way.

(I would've done it for a whole lot less if I could’ve…)

Still. It was still 10,000% worth it.

In fact, investing in my personal growth has always been a guaranteed good move.

The best part?

You don’t need to spend as many years going through the extremes like I did...

You can achieve the lifestyle of your dreams in just a year with ONE mastermind experience.


This is the real deal, my friend.

A proven system that’s helping folks just like you achieve tremendous amounts of wealth and freedom — instantly.

And just to be clear...

This isn’t like the book or course where I’m just sharing the ideas and strategies...

Here, you’ll be putting the principles into practice during live deals with guidance from your peers and I.

In doing so, you’ll be implementing and experiencing results right away.

Not to mention...

You’ll be connecting with plenty of successful, like-minded investing experts who have managed to make their dreams come true...

And who are more than ready to help you do the same the second you join.

So if you're tired of:

“Having” to trade time for money

Feeling stuck in your career

Being underpaid perpetually

Destroying your health

Neglecting your relationships

Missing out on making memories

Losing out on living life right

Don’t back out.

Start moving to the life of your dreams today by applying for The Lifestyle Investor Mastermind now.

Because once you’re in…

You’ll get exact resources and hands-on help you need to start:

Leveling up your wealth

Buying back your free time

Living the life of your dreams

You absolutely deserve this and have everything it takes to get there.

And I can’t wait for us to meet up and get started already.

To freedom and fulfilment!

Justin Donald

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