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“My mission is to help you buy back your time so you can proceed with intentionality on how, where, and with whom you spend that time with. I want you to live life on your terms. And I believe anyone can make this shift and find the passion to create their ideal lifestyle now — not when they’re retired.”

- JD

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Empowering others towards winning wealth without work and living their best lives today — one speech and podcast at a time

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Justin Donald, called the “Warren Buffett of Lifestyle Investing,” is the #1 bestselling author of The Lifestyle Investor: The 10 Commandments of Cash Flow Investing for Passive Income and Financial Freedom. As founder of The Lifestyle Investor, he specializes in low-risk cash flow investing, simplifying complex financial strategies, and structuring deals. A seasoned investor and entrepreneur, Justin has served as a SXSW investor judge and spoken at notable venues like Texas Ranger Stadium. Through his Lifestyle Investor Mastermind, podcast, and consulting program, Justin coaches entrepreneurs and executives to “create wealth without creating a job


Here are topics that have received tremendous feedback from audiences all over across my previous appearances:

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My origin story where I multiplied my net worth to over eight figures and escaped the never-ending work cycle that was ruining life with my family.

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The exact steps I took that got me generating enough passive income for my wife and I to leave both our full-time jobs.

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Why I’m not a fan of traditional investments and the advice surrounding them… and who’s actually benefiting from them in the long-run.

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How anyone can achieve freedom as a Lifestyle Investor the way I did… and why it boils down to mindset more than anything else.

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Why I love real estate as an asset class... and other passive income opportunities you can use to start moving away from “having” to work today.

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My simple framework for spotting and structuring deals so you’re always winning the highest returns with as little-to-no risk possible.

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And much, much more!

Justin’s stories about how he’s utilized these strategies to generate significant wealth without a job fuel his audiences with the inspiration they need to build a life rich with freedom and total independence. 


Got a podcast, conference or a live keynote coming up? Let’s talk.

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