Why Not Impact the World on the Road to Wealth?

During the holiday season, my mind always bounces to ways that all of us can get better at raising the consciousness of humanity. So how can we all dig in and make life better for more people on our planet? No one does consciousness-building better than my good friend Hal Elrod.

Hal works every day to positively impact more people and help them find the road to wealth. Hal Elrod has a book series, The Miracle Morning book series — which has been translated into 37 languages and has sold over 2.5 million copies. (And, by the way — Hal committed to this Miracle Morning series and didn’t make a dime on it for three years!)

Why Not Impact the World on the Road to Wealth?

When we got together last January 2o21, Hal inspired me by talking about getting past his past failures and learning to create a sustainable business with more than one income stream. You will want to listen to Hal himself, as he explains how the 2008 financial crash changed his life and made him determined to reach for safety differently and uniquely.


So many people learn how to build passive income through real estate, and they do fantastic with this opportunity — myself included. But one day, Hal Elrod talked to our friend, David Osborn, and just told him how he felt. He told David that he plain and simply didn’t want to do real estate and asked something like, “can’t I just write dozens of books for my passive income and make that my passive income?”

Of course, Hal has to run his programs with books and online courses and live events — but he still hasn’t had to get into real estate — and that was his plan.

Hal was actually worried that what he’s done with that great mind of his was to ruin his kids for “normal” work. This thought gave me the biggest chuckle. But, through his incredible, kind, and thoughtful nature, Hal wants to do the best for his family as well as for the family of humankind, and he’s found a way to do this.

Merely by finding a confidant to run his ideas past, Hal teaches us the value of looking around and finding someone who can help you build your perspectives.

As I said to Hal in the podcast,  I love just the whole angle of like, “Hey, I don’t need to have physical assets, I can have intangible assets, and those can produce income.”

What’s Your New Approach to Life and Making Money?

Hal always reminds me to do better and be better in my approach to things — including in the pursuit of making money. He taught me the value of making an impact. We talked of income and influence as two of our highest priorities.

These thoughts and strivings are not to be greedy or money-n=hungry — but we want safety and security. We no longer have every neighbor and friend waiting around to help us and be part of our tribe or our pack. We don’t have our hunter and gatherer helpers. We are mostly on our own on this planet.

Once we have enough — we work on — having enough to spare so that we can help other people. Like Hal said, “we have to look around and see who our lives touch and who will be the ones that we influence?” You can look around and realize that you can not only have an impact — but a tremendous impact.

Hal and I love to coach entrepreneurs, business owners, and salespeople. However, in 2008 Hal lost over half of his clients and decided to build another source of income.

If You’re Listening — Really, Think About This

One of the most poignant things that hit me from what Hal said in the podcast is — seriously — it gave me chills:

If you’re listening to this, really think about this. I think that it’s almost irresponsible, and that’s not like an insult but it’s irresponsible in a way to put all of our eggs in one basket because history has shown you may have a great job. Maybe you’ve been there for a decade and you can get laid off. Or you have a great job and the company can go out of business. Or you run a business, it can — I mean, there are so many things that can go wrong with any one source of income. –Hal Elrod

Have You Been Overwhelmed by Life? Prepare Better

We talked about how overwhelmed you can get when something like this happens to you. Where do you turn for help? Where do you turn to get your head back on straight during something that devastating?

The answer is preparation — you have to be prepared with multi streams of income. As Hal says, it’s irresponsible to have all your eggs in one basket. History will repeat itself — and you will want to be prepared.

Get your thinking cap on and let yourself be inspired by people like Hal — and get yourself in a better place right now.

My Personal Advice to Impact the World

My personal advice to everyone, along with Hal Elrod, is to listen to as many podcasts as possible. Read as many books as you can about this issue of building multiple income streams. And lastly — take action — please take action as soon as you can.

As Hal and I talked — we both feel a little itchy about the world right now. This COVID stuff has undone many companies and businesses. We both have family and friends that we want to be okay.

If you want to build wealth and have an impact in the world — you will need to be financially secure, so you can help yourself and help others.

Image Credit: Dmitriy Ganin; Pexels; Thank you!

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