Please Change Your Mind So Your Life Will Change

There are many groups that you can join or become a part of that can help you change your thinking and your life for the better. You can change your mind, and your life will become better. I can never emphasize enough how important it is to become part of people and things that will help guide you in your quest to become all you want to be in your sphere of influence.

Your Life Will Change When You Change What You Think About

In each of these posts, I try to point out what a rich world of influence we live in and how easy and accessible it is to find help nowadays. So I’ll say again here, listen to all of the podcasts you can and read all that you can read. Maybe nothing in them will be the key to what you become — but for sure — something you hear or read can be your impetus to change and make things better.

Today, I wanted to highlight Garrain Jones for the incredible energy and passion he brings to everything he does every day. I wish you could have been sitting with us as we spoke in a podcast last August. Wow! Please find yourself in what Garrain shares with us.

Garrain Jones has genuinely become a voice for the voiceless, as I said in my original podcast about him. Garrain taught me many things about people who suffer from special needs and special education issues. He even had a speech impediment.

He highlights a journey you can follow in his book: Change Your Mindset, Change Your Life: Lessons of Love, Leadership, and Transformation.

After hearing Garrain’s whole story — I decided that I’ll never complain again in my whole life. This man has overcome more than is humanly possible — and I feel so proud of him and what he has done.

Change Your Mind

My wish for you is that you will feel Garrain’s heart and soul like I did. You will want to be better — and you can be better — just by hearing him and realizing that it is possible to change how you think.

How can you learn a different way to think about things, ideas, and work? Garrain teaches that concept in everything he says and how he is dedicated to helping others. He made being “slower to learn” (as he says) into his superhero power.

How Can I Change What I Think about Myself?

The superhero power that Garrain was able to garner in his life didn’t come through zero effort. Still, he can now be efficient with his energy and efficient with the vast amounts of information that inundates all of us every day. He can process and break it down into simple and relatable ways. He decided to tell himself that information and that story until he believed it and incorporated that persona into his life. Like he says, “I literally rev it all the way up.”

Many people maybe don’t even realize that there is a journey out there that they’re already on it — they’ve already embarked. But what I love is what Garrain says; he made a massive mindset shift.

Energy Cannot Be Created Nor Destroyed. It Can Only be Transferred

Garrain talks about what many of us heard when we were growing up, “We can’t afford it.” He had the negatives many of us have heard about — like “why do you do this?” And, “why do you do that? So, why do you have to be so hard-headed?”

Garrain wondered why all these other people seemed to have everything, and he seemed to have such self-hatred and lousy health. He would always say, “Can it get any worse?” And then it did get worse and worse.

“Change your mindset. Change your life.”

Do you want to know who said those words, “Change your mindset. Change your life” to Garrain? A homeless man at a gas station! Like, what? Garrain describes how much energy this guy had, and it made him sit up and take notice.

He said, “I took hold of myself and became far removed from the habitual patterns that I had stuck in me. I started reading books, going to seminars, getting healthy, staying in instead of going to nightclubs. I stopped chasing women, and began chasing a better version of myself. And on the other side of everything I would never do — came the life that I always wanted and it has surpassed my wildest dreams.”

Talk about courage and stamina. But you won’t be able to change your mindset and your life without a sort of surrendered state and a state of humility actually to receive this message.

What is the Source of Your Pain?

Oh — I don’t want to be the spoiler alert here — but I want you to hear Garrain’s story from his own mouth. About why Garrain initially blamed himself for his father’s murder — and the moment he discovered the source for all his pain and suffering.

I can’t even explain Garrain’s story’s impact on my heart, and I want you to share it with me. I want you to come out of the mist you may have been in, in 2021 and into a new light in 2022, and I believe this podcast can do that for you.

You may have to listen more than once to the podcast. But, as I listened again to Garrain today while writing this post — I realized that a message could come from anyone if you are ready to hear it — and I want you to be your own superhero to yourself like he does.

Image Credit: Cottonbro; Pexels; Thank you!


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