You Can Make a Culture Out of Achieving Your Dreams

You can make a goal for yourself and your organization to make a culture out of achieving your dreams. One of the things I love best about Dane Espegard is that every conversation is uplifting and I come away feeling better than I did before. Dane doesn’t come to people in his organization telling them they need to work more or harder — he asks them, How’s work serving you? What else are you getting done on your dreams list this year?” 

I want to be like Dane Espegard. Please listen as Dane tells you how to Create a Culture of Achieving Your Dreams.

Focus on Culture From the Start

I was trying to be really intentional about the culture that I wanted to set up, since I’d started two businesses at that point. This was going to be my third team from scratch. Culture is something that I don’t think a new business owner thinks about a lot. It typically takes [dealing with] a not-ideal culture for you to recognize how you got there, and how to have something more intentional and more exciting.” – Dane Espegard 

Write Down Your Dreams

Dane suggests that you write down your dreams and I’ve found that to be true in my work too. Make sure to take time to think about where you want to travel and what you want to experience as you travel through this life. Is there something in your work that you want to accomplish? How have you defined your life as far as financial goals and family goals? Do you have any spiritual aspirations? Write these things down.

At a conference Dane attended, a motivational speaker Matthew Kelly asked the audience to make a list of 100 dreams right there on the spot. Dane worked on his dream list right then — but life got in the way. Finally, in 2013 Dane implemented the dream list concept in his business and helps his employees to create dream lists.

Dane Espergard explains that when he wrote everything down — even “big audacious goals” begin to drive him in a way to take action, and it helped him to keep working on his dream list. He felt like the list gave him a purpose in his life and helped him stay focused. As Dane says, the dream list helps a person be more self-aware. Don’t be afraid to dream — write down the “big audacious dreams.” They can become a goal to achieve later.

Work to Be Intentional in Achieving Your Dreams

Working to be very intentional about where I spend my time has become something that defines my life. I work to bring that knowledge to others.

One of the keys to my life and success has been intentionally figuring out who to spend time with and where to gain knowledge that will fine-tune my expertise. I absolutely love to be the teacher — but I love being the student even more.

Dane Espergard is intentional in asking questions. He said, “I think it kind of goes with the principle, if you find somebody that’s successful, don’t try and reinvent the wheel. Just try and find out what they’re doing and do as they do.” Great thought.

Listen to the Opinions of Others

When you know a lot about a subject it can become difficult to hear others’ opinions on that subject. Dane feels like hearing someone else’s opinion on something you think you know everything about is a key component of his success and in achieving his dreams.

You don’t have to listen to every person that speaks — no! Dane says he listens intently to those who know him well and want the best for him. If someone has your best interests at heart you can (and should) listen to their opinion and take seriously what people from your support system say. If one of the individuals in Dane’s trusted circle feels that he should do something — and do it now — he takes that advice and does it.

There Will Always Be Someone Who Thinks You’re Crazy

Dane Espergard mentioned that hit a chord with me. There will always be someone who thinks you’re crazy to be pursuing what you are pursuing.

You really have to watch carefully the direction you are taking, ask many questions, and always do your due diligence. But when you get that feeling that you should take a certain course — you have to have enough confidence to take action. If you have someone behind you in support it helps. That someone needs to know that things can and will wrong here and there — but if that person stays solid (no blame) with you and your decisions, your decisions will get better and better. Somehow you become luckier and luckier.

All Decision Roads are Lonely Roads

There are those who don’t have the kind of support that Dane and I both have. I’m not sure how they make their concrete, forward-propelling decisions. However, when it comes right down to it — all decision roads are lonely roads — and you have to take action, alone. Read, listen to good podcasts from people who know the way — and take action.

Taking Some Form of Action

Using the same type of advice I want to leave people with, Dane and I talked about making sure people know to take some form of action. Take a step toward the direction you want to go in life — and build the life you want to live within. Have your plan include the financial freedom you’ll want.

People really want this type of financial freedom in their life — they just haven’t figured out how to achieve that goal of financial freedom. It takes a plan of taking action — but you have to take action.


You’ll want to listen to this episode this Dane Espergard where he gives actionable steps you can take to move your financial needle forward. Yes! Due diligence on most deals is generally like 60 days, right? 45 to 60 days.

But think about it — you can begin your due diligence today and three months from now you can make the decision to get yourself on your journey to greater financial independence.

Image Credit: by Kampus Production; Pexels; Thank you!

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