How My State of Mind Makes Me Wealthy

Millions of my podcast programs are heard daily, and I hear that they help many individuals, but likely, no one has been helped more than me. Today I’ve been contemplating how wonderful life is, and yet there is hardly an entrepreneur out there who has not passed through a truly horrific life lesson. Though I had heard his story before, it again brought it to the forefront when Mike Dillard came on the show.

Mike gave us some pure gold in this podcast.

The Struggle

Mike tells of his struggles and how he overcame them — it’s miraculous, really. So — Mike Dillard had it all, a lucrative business, lovely home, a Ferrari (do you need anything else??), a great family and friends. Then, one day Mike was sitting on the couch and felt a click in his head. That was it. With the snap of a finger, his life was utterly different in every way– and for two and a half years, he was bedridden.

Stripped Me of Everything

In Mike’s own words:

The brain injury really stripped me of everything, it stripped me of all of my financial security, it stripped me of my ability to work, it took away my ability to pursue any of my passions, racing cars, or doing anything athletic.

I couldn’t eat the foods that I like to eat, I couldn’t drink alcohol anymore. I couldn’t go out with my friends and I couldn’t stay out at night in any way. Just driving just to pick up my son was a big deal.

For two and a half years I was just a dude who couldn’t get out of bed.

Where’s your safety net?

Mike Dillard says that never once in his life had he thought that he wouldn’t be able to work — and he didn’t have any passive income set up. Worry would have been so much less for him if he had provided a safety net in his life.

We really don’t want to wait for an illness or other health crises for a wake-up call. Thinking about Mike today made me want to warn again my family and friends that we have such a great lens and framework to be able to say, “I will not be a victim here, and I’ll do something about it here for my safety net.” Most individuals don’t have a lifeline; they have to create their own before anything happens.

As you listen to the podcast, you’ll notice how much Mike wants to help you, the listener.

One of Mike’s thoughts is that a person starts going through a mid-life crisis about the late thirties and early forties —  and you will have to take care of those thoughts. You will become aware of the subconscious stories that you have.

If you want great success, you will want to rewire those stories because they may not be serving you. So — take care of those issues, and come up with a financial system that will work for you and allow you to turn your active income into a passive income.

How to Heal

Ultimately, it was found that Mike’s brain injury was from a toxic mold releasing neurotoxins. So his brain was basically being eaten by mold. Because this is a severe brain injury, Mike tells about how it forced him to dive into every aspect of healing the brain. It’s remarkable how Mike put his power to work on his own behalf; I think that is a plug for self-care.

Anything he heard — from anyone — that might help he tried. 

Mike Dillard says, “That was the opportunity because it forced me to go through any and every kind of therapy that I could find to try and heal that injury. So, nine ketamine IV sessions, four MDMA sessions, transcranial magnetic, 30 neuro biofeedback sessions, three or four EEGs, one MRI brain scan, hypnotherapy, anything and everything that you could imagine.”

How My State of Mind Makes Me Wealthy

Your state of mind can make you wealthy. In the podcast and in a mastermind group, Mike tells of his epiphany — “Oh my God, you can apply this same knowledge set and skill set to business, and you can use that to essentially attract your customers and your clients to you.” Mike wrote a book about this called Magnetic Sponsoring.

The Two Driver’s

As Mike Dillard reminded me, there are always two drivers in a person. First, a neurochemical driver usually forms in you between the ages of 5 and 12; it’s the strongest one — and this person inside you is entirely unique to you.

What you want to do here — is become very aware of this neurochemical driver. “Now, as things come to your mind from your past that bother you — rewrite that history so it won’t dominate you,” Mike says. He adds that one of the greatest gifts from his recovery time was being forced to let go of that previous identity.

“You will do your best work and make your best decisions if you don’t have the pressure hanging over your head that your past can keep bringing into your consciousness.”

What’s Mike Up to Now?

Most entrepreneurs don’t seem to come from a really super healthy upbringing. It takes an unbelievable amount of drive and a willingness to do anything to build a successful business and to achieve a high level in life. And that drive usually comes from pain.

Mike spends a lot of his time nowadays trying to help entrepreneurs see that the primary neurochemical driver you developed as a teenager starts to show up at about 40. It starts to show cracks and will not work as well as it used to for you. That teenage self can begin to prevent you from having meaningful relationships with family, friends, spouse, and children.

Be Aware

We need to all be more aware of what’s happening in our brains. Then, as entrepreneurs, we can figure this out by making the determination to rewrite our story so we can continue to make a difference. I’ve always liked what Matthew Kelly says, “We need carefree timelessness with those that matter the most, and that is where joy is in the world.”

The Investment Puzzle

From Mike: I’ve learned that I think there are really three pieces to the investment puzzle. First, if you want to succeed with money and build lifelong passive wealth, you must master your neurochemistry.

Mike worked and learned to fix and master the neurochemistry he felt was holding him back from recovery. All of that work takes time and money. Nevertheless, he was able to pull himself out of this very complex health crisis with a lot of concentrated work.

Wealthy Mind, Passive Income

The podcast is about how the state of your mind can heal you and make you wealthy. But Mike feels the deep hole of recovery would not have been as bleak if he had somehow made some avenues of passive income before the tragedy.

Image Credit: Nacho Juárez; Pexels; Thank you!

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