Is it Possible to Be a Family Man First in Business?

Have you ever pondered this question? Is it possible to be a family man or woman first if you have a company to run and you are in business? I’m not trying to leave women out with the title that only lists “man.” But I’m a man, so I shouldn’t talk from a woman’s perspective. Women seem to have an overall view of situations that can encompass more than men’s single vision views.

How Might Men and Women View Business Goals Differently?

How might men and women view business goals differently? This is how I see it at present: if there is a goal for a man and woman to get to the tree that’s a mile up the road and they are headed in that direction — the man’s mind says, “to the tree, to the tree, to the tree.”

Now, the woman keeps on the path to the tree too — yet (as I see it) her mind seems to say, “look at those flowers on the path, how beautiful.” And “don’t touch that, it’s poison, and I noticed that dirty stream over there, stay off that edge.”

And yet, both arrive at the tree at the same time.

For this reason, I’ve always maintained that companies that do not have women (and other minorities) in top business positions will miss a lot of detail that will weave richer tapestries into the business arena. Women also seem to spot additional issues that can save a business.

Is it Possible to Be a Family Man First in Business?

The problem with men’s seemingly single vision (and why I’m addressing the issue) is that sometimes when I’ve got my head buried in work — it’s almost like there is nothing else. I’m very intentional about being a family man first, but how can I be sure I’m accomplishing what I’m determined to do? Wait — I know where to find the answer to this question and get centered on my goals again.

You and I both can find many answers from Jon Vroman. Jon was on my podcast show well over a year ago — (I think it was Father’s Day). I’ve read his book: The Front Row Factor, so why is there ever a struggle to answer this question?

When Any Principle or New Habit is Not Practiced — it Eventually Slips Through Your Fingers.

There is a free digital copy of Jon Vroman’s book here — please take advantage of this gift — and then do yourself a favor and listen to the podcast below. You will be energized and recentered on your goal to be a family man first.

Okay, sometimes keeping it all together in business and your family doesn’t feel natural — and to be honest, in your personal habits — you’ll sometimes forget. But then, you recenter and get back on track.

A Brotherhood Created for Family Men With Businesses

Jon Vroman started a movement — a brotherhood created for “family men with businesses, not businessmen with families.” Jon began a group of like-minded men he trusted who could share and be transparent with their struggles.

If you align with the idea of being a family man with a business and not a businessman with a family, you definitely won’t want to miss this episode.

Make an Intentional Decision Not to Trade Time for Money

Of course, you have heard me play this tune before — please don’t get tired of it. Instead, use this statement to help you remember your own goal to give yourself a similar gift. Remember: make an intentional decision not to trade time for money.

When I started my family, I worked hard not to miss the essential times in our lives. The commitment to be to every game and every recital for my daughter doesn’t just happen by accident. But, yes, sometimes it’s hard to choose your lifestyle freedom.

Find Someone You Can Rely On

When I forget to be a family man first, I can read or listen to Jon Vroman — and you can too. What you can do is let Jon help you recommit. He understands and has reliable information and ideas. It’s SO beneficial to have someone in your corner, and I love Jon’s insights — he is totally service-focused and has served many people worldwide.

Read and Discuss

Jon Vroman can tell you how in his 20s, he began to read lots of books and incorporate them into his life, and he got together with friends who would read and discuss the titles with him. He calls his beginning deep-dive reading with friends discussions his intense learning phase. Jon continues his quest to read everything he can to help pass on valuable information to those who will listen.

College Speaker of the Year — Two Years in a Row

But Jon also thinks profoundly and doesn’t pass on anything that can be a learning opportunity — he learns and takes a lesson from every experience. Jon speaks at many events and received an award TWO YEARS IN A ROW as College Speaker of the Year — this is an incredible honor.

Jon told me that one of the things he strives for in speaking is for the audience to react the way he did at an event. He said:

I look back now and I remember being at a Tony Robbins event and having Tony speak in a way that just moved me — like I entered that room, one version of Jon Vroman and left another. And that change stuck with me. –Jon Vroman

What Messages Have You Received That Hit You at a Core Level?

Jon said that he watches for times during master presentations where he feels a shift in his life — when someone has worked at communicating a message, and the message hits at a core level. Jon also watches for other people who’ve taken the stage and moved his heart. Jon became that heart-moving speaker, and he brings that passion to Front Row Dads.

Beyond My Control

I’m also grateful to Jon Vroman for continually bringing me back to earth by mentioning that we live in seasons and this season is good right now — but that we must not be ignorant by not noticing those things that are beyond our control. Jon talks about conversations and dialog — and repetitive dialog in learning.

What a concept! — I am grateful for those who have gone before, those who help pave the way forward for me, especially for Jon Vroman with his accountability and catching up — and the dialog and repetitive dialog in my own personal journey and learning.


To answer the question: is it possible to be a family man first in business? The answer is that it’s possible, but it’s not always easy. You have to plan and make a path for yourself — and with a lot of help, you can make this goal.

Image Credit: RODNAE Productions; Pexels; Thank you!

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