Giving Up Isn’t an Option, So You De-Risk the Deal

I loved writing that title — giving up isn’t an option, so you de-risk the deal. But, of course, the idea of de-risking the deal came from none other than Phillip Stutts. Phillip grew his marketing agency into an eight-figure business. But, more importantly, in our interview together, he told many valuable secrets about life, living, and a five-step marketing formula he used to elect presidents. Phillip has more than two decades of experience, so he is a trusted source — you can find his track record.

You cannot believe what this man has accomplished in his life. So please help yourself out and listen to this podcast — April 2021.

One of my favorite quotes from Phillip Stutts —

“The more data you get, the more you eliminate your risk on the front end.” — Phillip Stutts


You will love that Phillip Stutts has spoken in front of 40 million+ people in his career and made more than 350 national media appearances. He’s been interviewed by renowned business, entertainment, and health leaders, including: Anderson Cooper, Gary Vaynerchuk, Peter Diamandis, James Altucher, and Michael Hyatt, just to name a few. Phillip believes profoundly in what’s right in the First Amendment.

Can a Political Marketing Campaign Model Be Used in Your Business Marketing?

You’ll want to hear his story about living in Washington D.C. for  17 years. Phillip is in the marketing game of politics and has made a great living doing that. He believes that businesses can apply what he does in the political arena, (political marketing campaigns) and run their business marketing campaigns from what he has learned. He’s done that, and so can you.

Phillip has two separate businesses — one is political marketing. In his political marketing, he has won 1,407 political election victories. That is impressive in anyone’s book. But, Phillip Stutts says, “A candidate starts without any brand or name ID. They have barely any money, but they have a great idea they want to run and affect policy and run and serve the country.”

Here is the title of his incredible book: The Undefeated Marketing System: How to Grow Your Business and Build Your Audience Using the Secret Formula That Elects Presidents

States Losing Their Largest Tax Payers

Phillip Stutts brings up the point that they have moved to Florida because Florida doesn’t have state tax. Most other states are raise, raise, raising the taxes on the wealthiest citizens of their states and causing them to leave. For example, D.C. has an almost 10% tax rate. How long will a rate like that keep its citizens?

So, what makes the governments do something, maybe implement an extensive program (Billions in COVID recovery, anyone) happen without even considering what that action will take. What will be the repercussions and consequences?

I pointed out to Phillip that it’s pretty evident that business will have to solve most of the world’s problems. An entrepreneur business owner knows how to pay people and incentivize and reward problem-solving efforts. It is unlikely that the government will solve the majority of the issues in the world.

Successful on Many Levels

One of the reasons I’d like you to listen to this podcast is because Phillip Stutts is so successful on levels that you can’t even dream up. He’s an author, investor, successful in politics — seriously, he has the Midas Touch — which is praise in anyone’s book. He also has an almost cult following for how he helps people.

The Five-Step Program — It’s a System

Phillip Stutts says that no one talks about the same five-step system — the successful ones just inherently do it. In his book, Phillip lays out these five steps, which are business principles that are the same in business, but the execution is totally different in business marketing.

In business, Phillip decided to apply these principles — and what? He used the five-step program to suddenly grow and become very successful in every single business. Phillip tells you the secret formula that elects presidents, senators, and governors — and how to apply those principles.

Do You Want to Know the Secret of the System?

In Phillip’s Words: “I didn’t write a textbook. I wrote a book about stories. Everything in my book is a story. If you want to learn how we do it, I tell it through stories. I tell it through political stories; I tell it through corporate stories.” The book isn’t about politics — it’s about business and how to succeed in your industry. Phillip Stutts calls it “The Undefeated Marketing System,” and he doesn’t hold back in giving you the information.

I’d list the five steps here, but you will learn so much more and be able to see yourself and your business as you listen to Phillip speak — he even tells how the system works in sports!

I said on the podcast, and I’ll say it here. Phillip’s book is how you can take these same strategies and implement them into your business for the same type of success of getting a politician elected, growing your revenue, and growing your business’s bottom line.

What Does the Politician or Client Want?

The first step is finding out what your clients want by asking and knowing how to read the data. You likely already know this principle — but he has a better way to do this data reading. He finds the 20 issues that clients want. And you know what? Your customers and clients don’t care about twenty issues — they only care about two — but you must find the twenty before you will have a handle on the correct two.

I love this — Phillip says that the customer may not even care about your product, business, or service at all. But what is the customer looking at and thinking about.

How Do You De-Risk?

De-Risking a deal is used by everyone in every situation — even getting married. You want to always de-risk  (eliminate risk) before you get the reward. In finance, I get this a whole bunch. I always ask how little can I spend until I know that this is a significant investment that’s safe. So without a doubt, I use the same process.

Phillip Stutts tells about a thirty-five-year-old pest control company that asked for business help and advice. Phillip’s company used the five-step program — and within six months, they had the most significant financial growth month in their company’s history. Why did clients and customers use this pest control company? Because the pest control company has such an incredible history story? No! They are successful because their customers want dead bugs.


Listen to the podcast and deploy your own five-step program. First, make the plan, then de-risked the plan, then work the plan and have your highest profits ever.

Image Credit: Martin; Pexels; Thank you!

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