Will Your Field of Dreams be Your Yield of Dreams?

Finding financial freedom in your life is an elusive goal for many, but it doesn’t have to be. So please take a moment and look at what you can do in your life to yield higher financial success — not for the money — but for the life that you can live and the people that you will be able to help because of what your money can do for them.

A few weeks ago, I spoke to Charlie Epstein, who has coached over 10k financial advisors around the country. Charlie’s goal is to help people find out that they can accomplish all they desire to do in this life by changing their mindset. Charlie Epstein wants you to “crack the code — not just earn the paycheck — and I’d say that’s what I would wish for you too.

I always connect to my podcast interviewees through mutual friends who say, “you have GOT to have so and so on your podcast,” and having Charlie Epstein on the show was no different. We were introduced by a mutual friend, Mike Koenigs.

Finding Your Field of Dreams and Yield of Dreams

Charlie talked about how even before he was born, his father, who was an entrepreneur, had built a women’s clothing business, and his mom said at home. However, his mom had the entrepreneur in herself as well and was an opera singer as her side hustle. Charlie had a brother and sister who were intellectuals both with PhDs — which let him know right away that he didn’t want to do that. It’s as essential to see what you don’t want to do as to know what you do want to do.

But, Charlie lived in a different time than we do now — yet there are so many golden nuggets you can take from him to build up your own life and finances now.

1. You May Just Fall Into Something Great

Charlie didn’t know it then — but he does now. He had his eyes open, all of the time, looking — he was looking and watching for an opportunity. He had had minor success in buying a comic book for $30 that he could sell for $200 at Comic-Con. That made Charlie hungry for more. Have you found what makes you hungry for more?

He was around entrepreneurs all the time because his parents gave him great memories by having parties at the house. Everyone dressed up, put on their best game, and brought great energy. Charlie Epstein found that he wanted to be around that spirit and energy — and he found out early that certain people had that energy and happiness — and he wanted to be around that and wanted to have others feel the positive energy around him.

2. How Will You Bend Time?

Charlie had caught the entrepreneurial bug when he was a kid — and he also felt he perceived that when someone was a lifestyle investor — they could “bend time.” If you know the vig and spread in borrowing money — you can find where you fit in, and you can be the one with the edge. That is personal economics. “Time is a commodity — it has value.”

He has a way to show you how to use other people’s money and Uncle Sam’s money to grow your own. All of this knowledge in the financial field can help you bend time too.

But the main thing you’ll want to learn is that you’ll want to start valuing yourself and your time more and remember that the urgent thing is not always the most important thing that takes up your time.

3. Intentionally Build Fun and Excitement

My parents did a lot for me — just like Charlie’s — to ensure that there was fun and excitement in the house with parties and family and guests.

You need to have fun and great happiness and energy around you so that you can breathe that energy into your lungs and expel the air out in a better way that sustains your life.

Find a way to supply this spirit in your life by intentionally surrounding and keeping good people in your space to add to the synergistic weave that sustains the life energy and can provide you with hidden power.

4. Everybody Has a Baseball Field — But Where’s Your Field?

In the podcast interview with Charlie, he talked in front of a baseball field because he has his own baseball field. Please listen to Charlie’s story as he tells about being inspired by “Field of Dreams” with Kevin Costner. You’ll be transported to a better place where you learn that you want to set yourself up to be in control of your life and love what you do.

Personally, I found that my own Field is in deal-making, finding deals, and cutting deals — that’s where I like to live. And as Charlie mentioned, when you call up other successful business people (like in your community) and find out how they became a success, it can infuse you with the desire and the ideas to do the same for yourself.

5. Figure Out a Way to Have Income Coming in — Then Do What You Want

Very quickly, you will want to become a filter of what will work for you and what will not. You will want to develop a mindset structure of what is a “time suck” — and what is a “time multiplier.”

Years ago, I came up with Mindset, Filter, and Structure as the way to make my life better. I think of it as — Life by Design.

Charlie and I both have the same philosophy on this. We both feel like a conscious, concerted effort to design your life is the only way to Yield the life you want and the one you are born to live.


As I always say — take some time and listen to this podcast. I’m hoping this podcast with Charlie Epstein will help you find something that will transport you from your Field of Dreams to your Yield of Dreams.

Image Credit: Run 4 FFWPU, Pexels; Thank you!

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