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It’s Time to Scale

Your First Million Was Hard — Now, It’s Time to Scale

By Justin Donald / January 12, 2023 /

In addition to being an adventurer, athlete, philanthropist, business consultant, and serial entrepreneur, Brad Weimert is also an author. He founded Easy Pay Direct in 2009 to provide online payment gateway services to e-commerce businesses with annual sales of between $1 million and $100 million. With over 60,000 merchants on the platform, the platform serves…

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lifestyle entrepreneur

What Happens When You Decide to be a Lifestyle Entrepreneur?

By Justin Donald / December 7, 2021 /

I have so many rich conversations with influential individuals and sometimes wake up thinking, “Wow, how is this (or that) even possible?” So I did a podcast one time with Mr. Podcast, himself, John Lee Dumas. As I said on the show, John is the founder and host of Entrepreneurs on Fire, one of the…

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Question Everything

Why We Should Question Everything We Think

By Justin Donald / November 23, 2021 /

Back in June of this year, I had a great conversation with Cal Calahan on my podcast program. As always, when I talk with Cal, I have my eyes opened to new things, and this conversation was no different. I thought that I really questioned many things in life, but Cal says to question everything.…

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Hans Box

011: Structuring Deals & Minimizing Risk with Hans Box

By Justin Donald / January 14, 2021 /

As investors, it’s our goal to find opportunities to turn a passive investment into a major return. But when things go wrong, what can we do to ensure that we aren’t positioned to take a major loss?  In 2009, Hans Box took a leap of faith, quit his job at PriceWaterhouseCooper, and bought a handful…

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Erik Van Horn

010: Franchising for the Lifestyle Investor with Erik Van Horn

By Justin Donald / January 7, 2021 /

Many lifestyle investors don’t just want to live life on their terms – they want to use their skills and knowledge to help others do the same. It’s why so many of us use our time to focus on building incredible networks, launch masterminds, and work to become better spouses, parents, and friends. It’s also…

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