Remember Who and What You Are to Manifest a Limitless Life

Back in June 2021, I had Preston Smiles on my podcast show. What a privilege to get to know him even better. Preston has all kinds of interesting sayings that take a while to digest — especially about manifesting a limitless life.

Remember Who and What You Are to Manifest a Limitless Life

“We’re all walking each other home to the self. We’re all tapping back into our hearts. We’re all remembering who and what we are, which are unique emanations of the most high.” –Preston Smiles

Like — what does that even mean? Poetry like that isn’t comprehensible even upon reflection — but I’ve come to understand that reflecting on the deep words of others can bring greater depth in one’s own life. So, I try to rethink the words of others and grow from them.

One thing I really liked about Preston is his attitude and his ability to tap into his own intuition.

If you haven’t heard Preston Smiles speak before, or even if you have, the experiences of this incredible man are something you shouldn’t live one more minute on this planet without hearing.

You know, Preston says that he isn’t special — but there is little doubt in my mind that he IS special. But, how he explains it is that he is unique — not special.

One of the most “unique” characteristics about Preston is that he is so in touch with his intuition. He knows how to slow down and listen — he connects by listening with his body and paying attention to what his subconscious is trying to tell him.

Communication with Preston Smiles

Each time I communicate with Preston Smiles there is a realization that listening to our subconscious is wise advice for all of us. He explains how to do this to anyone who will listen or take his advice.

Extraordinary results follow listening to your inner voice — it’s important. Justin was taught that thought pattern by his dad when he was about 11 years old.

Preston and Smoking Weed

You will really want to listen to the episode to hear this in Preston’s own words, but Preston was caught smoking weed. How wise of his dad to proceed differently than many parents would. His father sat him down and told him that they were going to talk about this in 24 hours.

However, in the meantime, his dad asked that he think about every person he knew that smoked weed and then ask himself whether he would want their life?

Preston’s Going to be like Michael Jordan

24 hours later Preston told his dad that he wanted to be like Michael Jordan — and even at 11 years old, he knew that he indeed didn’t want the same lives as those people who were smoking weed. His dad said, “If you do what those others are doing, you’re going to get what they get.”

What he is — is a Leader

His dad continued on, telling Preston he was a leader. Dad said, ” If everybody else is going left, but something inside of you says, go right,  you will do that because that’s the type of boy you are.” His father understood the import of that moment and took the time to teach this young man.

Fast forward four years and the young Preston Smiles is 15 years old.

Four years later and we have a Preston Smiles at age 15. He’s had some practice by now in following what his gut was telling him to do. Of course, he was still a 15-year-old kid and acted his age. He loved to go out riding in a van at night with his friends like every other 15 year old on the planet and he went with his friends most nights.

What do his Friends Think?

One night as his friend Scott called to go on their usual run in the van to talk to girls, maybe a little alcohol — just hanging with friends, Preston felt something in himself say, “don’t go.” His dad’s voice popped into his head saying exactly what he’d said four years ago — So he told Scott, “No, man, I’m going to chill.”

Scott and the friends were not used to being told no by Preston and it pissed them off — he even caught a little name-calling — and just said, “Look bro, I’ll catch you guys tomorrow.”

Scott hung up the phone and within an hour of that conversation — every single person in the van was shot dead. Every-single-person-in-the-van. Scott was shot in the head and died instantly. I was as affected by Preston telling me this story as I have been by anything in my life — it’s so profound.

Where Would he be Without his Dad’s Advice?

One thing that struck me was — where would have young Preston been if his dad had just grounded him or slapped him around — or used any number of traditional parenting tactics? Where would any of us be without people in our lives that take the time to make a difference?

Sobered up

Preston goes on the tell me that this time in his life sobered him up quickly as that 15-year-old of long ago. He had thought that he was invincible and now that was gone and he knew life was fragile. The moment instantly kicked him into gear and into understanding life consequences.


Preston is dyslexic and had had a lot of special education thought-out his younger years and he now decided that he was going to position himself to get through college.

Both Preston and his wife have professional coaching careers where they guide people through difficult life passages — and Preston is also an author. Preston says that there are only two games in life — the outside-end game and the inside-out game.

The Outside-End Game and the Inside-Out Game

The one game tells us that all things outside ourselves are the most important and the inside-out game tells us that I am perfect and total and complete (not finished yet) but that every need that I have is met right now at this moment — and everything else will just be a cherry on top.

The games seem to run simultaneously in us — but most walk around seeking external approval to what is already perfect. I had to amend Preston’s words a little — I can’t think “everything is already perfect,” but I can think — “everything is enough and good.”

Find the Stories that Move You

Preston Smiles is a unique individual. His stories move me and make me want to reach forward to a better place. Preston makes me laugh and feel happy, he makes me want to lift others and be a better example of wisdom like his father was when he needed it most. Wow to be in tune at the right time for someone — like Preston says, “what a blessing.”

If I ever grow up — I want to be like Preston Smiles.

Image Credit: Greta Hoffman; Pexels; Thank you!

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