Do You Know the Art of Making Things Happen?

One of the most exciting individuals on this planet is Steve Sims, and what a great visit we had on my show. I love it when we can get down to a deep level of trust on the show and share information that can make a difference in your life — meaning, to you, the listener.

Who Affects Your Mood?

Early on, Steve noticed the correlation between his dealings with people and his mood and decided he would only interact and work with people he liked dealing with. “If you cut out the people who bring you down, it leaves more room for the people who elevate you,” he decided.

Steve also found that he was reacting to his bank balance. “This is a bank balance that I was creating and that I then allowed to steer me.” So he decided to change those two facts in his life. No longer would his bank balance affect him, and, for sure, he wouldn’t work anymore with people who brought him down for whatever reason.

What a healthy way to live your life — I want to incorporate that thought into what I do in my life as I move forward. But, unfortunately, negativity breeds negativity and all must guard against that in work and family life balance.

If you want to see what it’s like on the “other side,” get creative and put yourself in a position to have new experiences. If you’re going to increase your art in making things happen — you have to have new experiences. You will want to listen to the whole program, The Art Of Making Things Happen, with Steve Sims.

How do the Richest, Most Successful People get to Where They Want to Be?

Steve Sims wanted that question answered and was determined to make the impossible possible for himself and others. So he ended up creating the world’s first luxury concierge that provides cutting-edge entertainment services, personalized travel, and transportation — and he delivers these amenities to corporate executives, professional athletes, celebrities, and others.

Learn to Educate Yourself From the Most Successful People in Your Field

Steve has so many incredible one-liners and paragraph-sized thoughts that are statements that should be craved in granite somewhere.

“For me, I’m like, hey, this is it. If you like it, just get in the sandpit, and let’s play. If you don’t, you’ll be fine. I’ll be fine, we’ll walk on by, okay? You’ve got to make sure that those people on the fence can’t misunderstand who you are. — Steve Sims

You’ll want coaches and mentors to help you on your path and pursuit of Lifestyle investing and living. This is how Steve Sims says it: “I coach, train, speak — that’s what I do now. I take everything I’ve learned for 25 years of getting the answers, and I coach and train entrepreneurs on how to get away from the biggest problem they’ve got, which 99% of the time is them.”

You will want to hop on the podcast and hear this interview. Then you will want to jump on and watch that video. The vid starts like every other nice launch party video, and then it all changes — and you will want to see it if you want to know Steve D. Sims. (BTW: Steve says that the D is for “dashing!) This video is a great story and well worth your time.

When you hear Steve D. Sims speak, you can hear the passion in his voice, and in his whole soul, really — you can feel it — it’s palpable.

You Don’t Drown by Jumping in the Water — You Drown by Staying in the Water too Long.

This statement by Steve Sims’ dad about not drowning by jumping in the water but you drown by staying in the water too long. It’s an exciting thought I keep going back to in my mind. Things will go wrong, and experiences can be challenging and seem worthless, but the learning has to be done — somehow.

The complex parts of all experiences and backgrounds seem to be the ones we will grow the most from and where we change.

All along Steve Sim’s entrepreneurial journey, he says, “Anything that stands still becomes stagnant, stinks and dies, and I don’t want to be doing that.” Wow! Powerful! If we could all remember this saying — it would guide us and take care of half the battles we face. Steve also adds, “failure is just an education of what not to do,” something he learned from his dad.

“The definition of hell is meeting the man or woman you could have been.”

Steve has a ton of one-liners that you will want to look for and find. One thought is, “The definition of hell is to meet the man or woman you could have been.” Steve heard that from Joe Polish but repeated it with relish. He says that when you see him and what he has achieved — you are already out of excuses.

Of course, this is Steve being humble, but I found that he has deep knowledge of how to carry out work in a way we can all use as a takeaway.

Steve Sims’ “art of making things happen” is unique and carries a lot of weight behind it. You can look to him for insights into the human experience. Steve can interrupt an individual’s needs and motivations within minutes.

Steve Sims Art of Making Things Happen

Steve Sims has a specific way of cutting through the bull in life and seeing the truth in a way that gives him instant access to your credibility. He educates those around him in a way that sneaks past any barriers. I love this one-liner from Steve, “Be so successful and disruptive that you have haters.”

I’ll end here with one of my favs — this is something I took from the overall person of Steve Sims — and is also in his book:

Don’t be easy to understand, be impossible to be misunderstood. You see, you are the one to blame if you have anyone confused.

If you hop on the podcast interview with me and Steve Sims, there are several other podcasts on that page where you can learn from Steve’s wisdom and humor. So please take advantage of this opportunity to learn from someone who will challenge your bias and inform your misunderstandings. Just hearing Steve will help free you from yourself.

Featured Image Credit: Brett Jordan; Pexels; Thank you!

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