It is Possible to Find and Unlock Your True Potential

I was thinking today about potential and possibilities. What makes the difference in people’s lives where potential comes into play? You’ll see someone among your family and friends that has a ton more potential than you do, but they have gone nowhere — and maybe even made a mess of their lives. Of course, that can happen to anyone — but where do the possibilities come from? How do you unlock that source?

Years ago, I knew Rob Dial when he was 19 years old, and he was selling Cutco. But he didn’t just sell Cutco as other people did — he owned it — meaning Rob owned the way he sold things with no apologies. Rob owned his own life even then. Soon he was operating a multimillion-dollar office and training all the team members.

In a recent podcast, I was able to catch up with Rob and talk about the path he took to get to where he is today. Rob has spread so much positivity to me, and to all who come in contact with him, and I’m grateful for that. He believes there is a way to unlock the true potential in yourself.

Rob Dial -- Unlocking Your True Potential

In this podcast, Rob talks about the value of making goals to make ourselves better as people — and that, “it’s so strange, you seem to get really clear on what you don’t want.” Which begs the question, “what do you want?” Everyone has a back story that tells about what made them today — even if it’s a really lousy story — your story made you who you are. Rob has a great back story that is worth listening to on the podcast.

Find and Unlock Your True Potential

As I interviewed Rob Dial, thoughts kept running through my mind. One thought I’ve had is that he really doesn’t know how great his gift is. That lead me to listen deeper to his advice — because he was giving me the formula to follow and pursue a dream to make a better life for myself — and you can take the same advice.

1. Learn to Speak in a Way That People Can Understand

Take really complex things and make them easy for others to understand. Learn to love teaching and teach other people what you know about so that they can make a better life for themselves.

In almost every business on the planet, especially in sales and marketing, and certainly in every relationship — having people understand what you are talking about is key. You won’t find your true potential if you can’t be understood. There are all kinds of help for speaking and listening online and on the internet if you are not up to speed in the speaking department.

2. Learn to Love Hard Work

Rob says that the way to be really successful is to do hard work. Realize that you can either love doing the hard work or hate doing the hard work — and it does matter which way you choose to feel.

Many business people have said this same thing — choose how you feel — it’s nothing new. It’s a cliché — but clichés are there for a reason and you should pay attention to them. Statements, thoughts and ideas are said over and over and they become cliché. And if you read and think nothing but clichés — you probably have some pretty decent truths to think about.

You’ve heard the one that goes — “If you love what you do you’ll never work a day in your life.” Well — that’s not exactly true — you will work and work and work and work — but maybe you’ll love doing that work or feel better doing your job. Still, the truth of that statement sounds like a cliche. But Rob says that it’s not as hard to do your work and you don’t feel overburdened by the work if you love it.

3. Find the Creator Inside of You

From interviewing and thinking about the podcast, I remember Rob saying that everyone has a creator inside of them. Maybe a person is an artist or musician — but most individuals will find their creative side somewhere else. Maybe someone will work a tech job, but find their creative side at home in the garden.

Maybe you will find your creative side doing fun things with your kids, friends or family, but find your creative side.

On the podcast, Rob Dial tells about a friend who likes to be creative with wine. The friend reads books about wine, takes classes and is close to a level three sommelier. The friend has become obsessed with being the best at wine knowledge making it the perfect business for him. Yet if this person already had the perfect business — then his wine efforts could be his creative side and his life would be more joyful.

The point is — whatever you do — find your creative side and build it up somewhere in your life.

4. Build Yourself Personally and Be the Best You

We should all be more interested in others, and if you want to be the best you, you will have to work on personal development. You’ll want to be interested in other people. Just by looking, watching, and listening to others, you’ll be able to see what you do and do not want to become.

Rob points out that on his own podcast interviews — almost every time — people will say that they don’t know what their passion or purpose is in life. It’s a big issue with many people. He says that if you don’t know what literally lights you up — that’s your job from here on out. Your new job is to find out what it is that you love to do in this world.

5. Figure Out your Mystery to Produce Income

Personally, I have found that doing both lifestyle work and investing helped me figure out how to stop being a slave to money — and I worked that into my own business model. I started to measure the amount of income that I earned — based on the equation of time. I’ve learned in my own life that your passions don’t have to make you money — but it sure is nice if they can.

I also love coaching, just like Rob Dial does — and I found that I can coach my friends to financial freedom.

I would say to you — listen to your defining moments when they come and don’t put that moment off — make something of the moment and feeling right then. Then take some time out to look and have a transition period. You don’t have to quit your job as I did, or like Rob did — just set a goal and a date and work towards finding yourself and your “why.”

6. Find a Mentor or Coach

Nowadays, there is a coach for everything. Like Rob said, “we’ve got personal development coaches, fitness and nutrition help, swimming coaches, divorced coaches, we’ve got death coaches for grieving and going through those things. Seriously, a coach for everything, and you can find one who can help you.

Start thinking — you may have something that others would like to hear about and you can make money being that someone for someone else.

Do you have the puzzle piece that someone else is looking for? Find out.

Sometimes the easiest way to find your place in this world — your way to make money that won’t be sucking the life out of you — is to find a mentor or coach and work on yourself until you find the puzzle piece in yourself that you can make money with. This leads us to:

7. You are Good at Something — Find Out What That Is.

So, Rob got me thinking this morning about my own life and the goals I set and the direction that I move in. I’ve been really disciplined about my life and changing myself for the better. It doesn’t happen by accident.

Each year I take a few days and sit down with myself and plan. Then I plan with my wife and we have our planning day for our couple and family goals. We also take some time on a separate day and do this with our daughter.

No, I don’t check all the boxes like I used to — but I ask myself if I’m becoming who I want to become and I’m pretty honest with myself about where I’m lacking? I ask myself what goals I need to set to become a more well-rounded person — then I get my coach to help me keep track of all of this — and help me get where I want to be.


Be inspired by someone or something. Go hang out with better people and learn from them and become better. Find something beautiful in scenery, art or music, or another person and see your creative self.

Maybe travel some — and envision your next venture or professional outlet so that you can make your potential and possibilities a reality.

Image Credit: Ketut Subiyanto; Pexels; Thank you!

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