Finding the Breakthrough Moments that Change Your Life

Are there some areas in your life where you’d like to have a breakthrough? Is it your business, career, health, income, relationship, a challenge you’re facing, or your overall happiness?

If you answered “yes” (and I’m assuming you did), do you have a process, a formula, or a system in place that enables you to intentionally and consistently create breakthroughs? If you don’t have a strategy, or maybe your process hasn’t gotten you where you want to end up, this episode is for you.

My good friend, David Nurse, is an expert at helping people create breakthroughs, which he calls happy little accidents.


So, who is David Nurse, and what can teach us about breakthroughs?

David aspired to play in the NBA above all else. Despite not making the dreams he had envisioned come true, he kept going by pivoting.

He became a coach instead of a player, eventually landing a spot with the Brooklyn Nets. But, he experienced another setback. David was fired shortly after joining the team by the new head coach.

Obviously, this wasn’t what he had in mind. However, it did open up a world of possibilities. In fact, you could say that his firing was actually a blessing.

David’s now an NBA mindset strategist, life optimization coach, author, podcaster, and speaker who inspires audiences all over the world.

His success would have been limited if he had stayed in Brooklyn, and he wouldn’t have met his wife, with whom he now enjoys a wonderful life in Los Angeles.

So, here are a few takeaways from David’s experience building relationships with world-renowned experts. And. you’ll also learn how to use his Breakthrough Formula to realize your potential, overcome limitations, and achieve anything you dreamed of.

Remember Your ABCs

This has nothing to do with the alphabet. I’m referring to “always be connecting.” And David excels in that area.

For example, when David made the decision to become a coach in the NBA, he realized that wasn’t possible without having any connections. David addressed the problem by writing a letter to every NBA GM, highlighting something about their organization that he loved. In addition, he expressed his desire to serve them in any way he could.

A month later, the Los Angeles Clippers GM, Gary Sacks, called David. In the end, it was a normal conversation that ended with, “Hey, if you’re ever in Los Angeles, let me know.” Instead of waiting for this opportunity, David booked a flight to L.A., pretending that he was heading to a basketball camp.

“I’m out there, prepare for this meeting, and we have a great meeting. We hit it off and just like really, really awesome meeting, substance to win,” David recalls. “Every single NBA connection has stemmed from Gary Sacks. I ended up living with him when I moved to L.A. for six months. He was in my wedding like he’s one of my best friends. Everything came from there.”

But, when it comes to connections, you want to focus on people you can learn from.

“Think of the people that you would love to have in your life,” David advises. Who can you learn from? Who would you love to be around? Not necessarily just people that are always going to tell you yes, but who’s going to challenge you?”

And, one more thing. Make sure you return the favor by providing them with value.

“These people that you want to learn from and you want to grow with, that’s how we grow with these types of people like we’ve been talking about,” he says. “And then you develop it by figuring out how you can pour into them.”

“And one of my keys has been relationships, but like I told you that story, how it started,” David says. “It’s people not that you’re going to use, but it’s people that you are going to pour into and serve but also like, hey, I got a guy in this area, and if I need help in this area, I know who to turn to.”

Discover the Breakthrough Formula

Through his formula for success, growth, and high performance, David has achieved breakthroughs.

The good news? Everything everyone wants is not difficult to obtain. Stress and overwhelm are not caused by 100 things piled on top of each other. And it all starts with how.

In fact, this is rather simple when you answer the following questions:

  • What can we do to become more self-aware and confident?
  • What is the best way to surround ourselves with the right people?
  • In what ways can we serve others?
  • What is the key to becoming relentlessly consistent?

“When you put those four together when you put the self-awareness, confidence, the cooperation, the who, the where, the service with the what and the why, the purpose — then you’re living in the breakthrough mode,” he adds. “I’m not saying your breakthrough is going to come tomorrow, next week, in a year, but you’re giving it the opportunity. You’re preparing for that opportunity to come, but if you don’t, it’s not going to happen.”

Break Through Your Potential Ceiling

“I’m really big on this word: potential,” says David. “I think it’s a bunch of B.S.”

Whether we create our own bubble or someone else places it on us, potential is what keeps us bound. It is likely that people have told you that you can only make $100,000. Your potential is $100,000.That’s not the case. Ultimately, you made this call.

“So, being around people who just speak life into each other and encourage each other, support each other, challenge each other — there’s nothing greater than that,” David shares..

Balance is Overrated

Approximately 66% of employees say they lack a work-life balance. Is balance really as good as it seems?

“No, balance is BS,” asserts David. “Balance is just doing what the world says and becoming busy. Obsessed doesn’t mean busy. It means choosing what is most important to you.”

“I don’t want to be 80-20 loving my wife. I don’t want to be 80-20 on the mission I’m on,” he adds. Whatever your passion or gift is, be obsessed with it.

“Use it. Go do it. So, that is purpose. And when you put those four together, when you put the self-awareness, confidence, the cooperation, the who, the where, the service with the what and the why, the purpose, then you’re living in the breakthrough mode,” he says. You’re giving yourself a chance to have a breakthrough tomorrow, next week, or in a year. If you don’t prepare for that opportunity, it won’t happen.

Follow Your North Star

There are times when what you think is your breakthrough is just the first step to something else. “It’s always like you’re walking,” David states. Picture yourself walking down the hall. The more doors you walk through, the more you learn.

“But the fun of it is, is just continuing, continuing to pour into what you love and knowing that you’re doing it for a greater purpose than yourself,” he says. “And if you’ve got those two things, passion plus purpose, you are on a mission.”

Featured Image Credit: Photo by Shubham Sharma; Pexels; Thank you!

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