Do You Want to Make a Real Impact? Do it With Real Estate

A year ago in July, I had JP Newman on my podcast. I really appreciate JP’s attention to detail and how he works to stay transparent on all issues. He surrounds himself with good people who work to show goodness, respect, and decency and to pay it forward. In this day and age — how many people can say that and actually mean it?

Make a Real Impact and Do It With Real Estate

JP Newman works to ensure he can make a real impact in his life and the lives of others with his real estate. He pays attention to detail to ensure a beautiful landscaped surrounding in his real estate endeavors. JP feels like when his residents thrive, the property succeeds, and when the property succeeds, his investors win. He’s gone from Sony to real estate and has done incredible work in both.

You’ll find the whole episode Here.

JP even likes his office to be in beautiful surroundings and feels like it makes his employees more creative and productive. In business, he wants to jump into all collaborations of design that facilitate community or his real estate investments.

The Trappings That Trap You

One thing I had never put together until I talked with JP is that as we journey through life, sometimes we start in a business where there are all the trappings of a business, and they are so cool, and those “things” make you happy. But, then, you realize that you or maybe you and your family are trapped by the trappings — beautiful spaces, homes, cars, or a luxury lifestyle that you are trapped into staying there.

This is why it’s essential to decide what lifestyle you want — and be in a business that you love to work in — so that when you hit the LifeStyle, you love that you also love your job. JP learned in his fancy office and lifestyle that he was trapped there and didn’t really love the work. It doesn’t really matter the lifestyle if you hate what you do — you need joy in both.

…it can look really scary and really ugly and really humbling for a couple of years.                   — JP Newman

JP talked about where he was and how he was comparing himself to everyone else and felt he hadn’t found his niche and was spinning his wheels. He had tried a few entrepreneurial efforts, and they hadn’t stuck. So he was working his guts out, trying to learn a new business under stressful conditions (quitting his other posh job, moving, learning a new job, and starting a family).

Trust Yourself and Your Ship Will Come In

JP Newman told me that he wished someone would have said these words to him:

Trust yourself, and your ship will come in. I don’t know how; it may not even be your time frame. You may think it’s going to be in a year, and it might take a lot longer. Keep at it with the skill and mindset you are working on. It may not be the dollar amount you think at first, but you will get your gift if you stay with it. Stay with it with steadfastness. I know it is an anxious time, but you can do this.                — JP Newman

These words were such an inspiration to me. Now, I want to say this to everyone I meet and to those I mentor and teach. Trust yourself, and your ship will come in — and mostly, keep going and trying over and over.

Tell Me What You Need — to Make a Real Impact

This is the most incredible thing and something that we could all take a lesson from. JP Newman has a little wind chime that sounded at his leasing office to signal that he was home so that renters in the apartments could have help during the pandemic — with telemedicine offered to residents through his nonprofit.

JP works to foster genuine community in these communities by leaving the responsibility for the apartments at the apartments. Instead, he allows the residents there to inform him about what they need. Then, when they have meetings, it’s about getting to know each other with food and visiting so they will care about each other more.

Health Education and Finance, Financial Literacy — Lift Them so They Can Transcend

JP Newman makes sure that they do monthly reporting of positive credit to boost the credit reports of his tenants. In addition, he works for teaching people about savings and how to save, and how to create resources around food or medicine to help people get through hard times.

As JP explained all these things to me — I realized that we could all do better as a society to help everyone. One of the proposals he is working on within his group is built around education through the community. He wants to get a program going where they can help individuals create resilience and soft skills that will bring good jobs — but most of all — how do you create optimism?

I mean, what a mind JP Newman has. The world needs to catch on to his concepts. I call these ideas JP’s “dabbling off the path.” He’s built a state-or-the-art sports complex in Austin — but then he dives back in to take care of his real estate people.

He is an incredible builder and wants to bring all the good things to people living in his buildings. He loves all these people and wants the best for them.

Faith in the Goodness of People

One thing I’ve been amazed at with JP Newman is how he keeps his faith in the goodness of people. In this type of business, sometimes we don’t always see all the good. JP totally believes in his program of helping and lifting and has helped many people learn how to help themself. He enjoys guiding people through tough times.

You’ll want to read about how he built his sports complex, asked the right questions to make it the best, and brought in the right people to help. JP has worked on a critical aspect not to be a jack of all trades — he brings in the best to help with these projects and buildings.

You’ll want to listen as he tells about getting many activities under one roof like pickleball, volleyball, concerts, and a few other things. Then, I ask this question — how will you make your projects grow in a way that will benefit this many people — and be a tax-advantaged angle?

We can all learn from JP Newman.

Featured Image Credit: Photo by Denniz Futalan; Pexels; Thank you!

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