Using Video

If You’re Not Using Video Yet — You Should

By Justin Donald / April 7, 2023 /

Over the past decade, video has become one of the most significant trends in marketing. However, video marketing continues to gain popularity — and marketers are getting better results than ever before. Don’t believe me? Check out these eye-opening stats: In the US, there are 244.4 million people who watch digital videos. It is estimated…

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Entrepreneurs Invest Differently

Should Entrepreneurs Invest Differently?

By Justin Donald / January 11, 2022 /

What constitutes a life well-lived? The answers will always vary depending on who you talk to. Where ever you go, you will find entrepreneurs who believe that if they can just sell their businesses, everything in life will be easy. Should Entrepreneurs Invest Differently? I think Robert Brooker has the concept of entrepreneurs and how…

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