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Generate Significant Wealth and Absolute Freedom Without Creating a Job

The 10 Commandments of Cashflow Investing for  Passive Income and Financial Freedom

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"When it comes to creating passive income, as well as growing and protecting your wealth, this book gives you both the principles and strategies to do exactly that. I've personally known the author, Justin Donald, for over a decade, and I can assure you that he his proven track record as an investor is only surpassed by his character. If you want to know hot to achieving financial freedom, this book is for you."

Hal Elrod

Author of The Miracle Morning


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All book sale proceeds are donated to charity.

What Will Complete Personal and Financial Freedom Look Like for You?

Imagine an exciting new life in which you’re able to earn passive income, long-term equity, and achieve total financial freedom without having to be tethered to a job you don’t love. 

What would this life look like for you?

More quality time spent with your family vacationing. The freedom to pursue your hobbies with more time and passion. The ability to be more generous and charitable. 

The unapologetic freedom to never set your alarm and just wake up when you want and do whatever you want whenever you feel like it!

If you knew you could transition to this lifestyle through low-risk cashflow investment principles that result in passive income streams and significant wealth creation – would you be intrigued? 

The path by which you can journey to this destination is revealed to you with eye-opening clarity in Justin Donald’s much-anticipated new book, The Lifestyle Investor.

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Change Your Mindset. Transform Your Life.

When you read The Lifestyle Investor you’ll discover a completely new mindset that will change your current way of thinking about what it means to generate income. 

Associations like the one that says money only comes through stress, toil, and trading time for dollars will be cast aside forever. 

This outdated belief will be cast aside because Justin Donald will expose you to cashflow investing strategies and principles that make it crystal clear how you can:

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Put your lifestyle first

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Reduce your investment risk

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Find deals invisible to the public

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Create immediate cash flow

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Get your principal back quickly

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Replace your job with passive cash flow streams

In addition, you’ll discover how to “plus” your deals, use financial leverage to your advantage, and make sure every dollar you invest generates a return. 

Justin also shares real-world case studies of entrepreneurs, executives, and everyday people who’ve manifested complete freedom in their lives through his 10 commandments of Lifestyle Investing.

Why You Should Listen to Justin Donald

Entrepreneur Magazine calls Justin Donald the “the investment world’s next Warren Buffett,” for good reason. He’s established tremendous credibility as a master of low-risk cash-flow investing and he’s widely recognized for his expertise in streamlining complex financial strategies, structuring deals, and creating disciplined investment systems that consistently produce profitable results. 

Stated simply, his philosophy and mission is to help you create wealth without creating a job.

In the span of 21 months before his fortieth birthday, Justin’s investments generated enough passive income for he and his wife Jennifer to leave their jobs. 

Following his simple investment values and 10 Commandments of Lifestyle Investing, Justin negotiated deals with over 50 companies and multiplied his net worth to over eight figures while maintaining a family-centered lifestyle. 

He did this in less than two years and just two years later he doubled his net worth again.

In The Lifestyle Investor, Justin spills the beans on how to do this so you can reimagine what wealth building and absolute financial and personal freedom mean to you!


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You’re One Click Away from Total Freedom

People around the world are eager to hear from Justin Donald for one simple reason: they’re extremely interested in knowing what he knows.

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This is because Entrepreneur Magazine refers to him as the “…the investment world’s next Warren Buffett” for good reason!

The Lifestyle Investor

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All book sale proceeds are donated to charity.


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The Lifestyle Investor shows you exactly how you can transform your life  by earning passive income and long-term equity.

Justin Donald shares the wisdom you need to do this so you can  experience absolute freedom without having a job.

This is the lifestyle you’ve dreamed about. Discovering how to attain it is just one click away.

All book sale proceeds are donated to charity.