Be Aggressive With Passive Real Estate

Using a title like Be Aggressive With Passive Real Estate is essential to me because passive real estate can help you live a lifestyle with less pressure to do the things in this short life that are not just important — but essential to you.

Who is Your Most Important Mentor?

Josh Cantwell is a pro at so many parts of life, and I’d like you to hear what he says about life and living on the podcast we did together back in November 2020. Josh’s father worked hard to have a high-paying sales job; then, as an entrepreneur, his dad left that job and built a hugely successful employee benefits company. As Josh tells it, his father was the first and most crucial entrepreneur he knew, and he learned a lot from him.

Build for Freedom in Your Life, and it Might Show Up When You Need it Most

Josh Cantwell worked hard to build passive income for a significant lifestyle which has allowed him to have some freedoms in his life. Then disaster struck, and his dad was diagnosed with an advanced case of Parkinson’s. How would Josh be able to care for his father, help his mom with significant issues and be a dad to his own children? Josh has been able to accomplish and tackle these critical life issues with dignity and grace because he built a passive income that has allowed him to do so.

Josh talks about this openly in this podcast, and you’ll want to share these personal moments with him.

Josh a Regular Guy With a Regular Mission

Josh Cantwell is a regular guy with regular ambitions — one who set a goal for freedom with passive income. Josh has courage, and he used that courage to stick with his trajectory of working out a passive income source and staying on course. He had that money to back him up when the income was most needed.

You can listen and learn how he accomplished his goals in this podcast. Josh presents the how-tos for adding passive income to your own portfolio.

Passion for Numbers

Josh found a real passion for numbers at an early age — something that gave him a foundational education in investing, and he put that propensity to good use.

Josh explains a value-add apartment syndication and the difference between syndication and a fund. You’ll learn how syndication is structured to benefit passive investors and minimize your risk. There is a thing called a 1031 exchange you’ll want to know about and use in your real estate investing.

One of my favorite Tweetables from Josh Cantwell is: “True business that scale, only can scale through people.”

The Lifestyle Investor

One of the reasons I’ve built what I have worked on in my life is to live the lifestyle of my choosing. I learned from Josh that you might build for a particular lifestyle, but what your work additionally gives you is a calm and secure future no matter what happens. In this case, Josh has the freedom to help people in his family, like his parents.

Years ago, I thought that my whole work and effort was for what I was building for my lifestyle and the lifestyle of my family — but I’ve learned that being able to help others generously is a gift. The gift can give because the groundwork has been laid and the investing done. Without the work and investing upfront, the ability to be free will not be there. Josh and I would be gone during crucial moments in our family’s lives because we would have no choice but to get to work and make a living.

I Get to Work Fourteen Hours a Day for No Money — And I Love It! — Josh Cantwell

That statement was Josh at 25 when he was working as a non-paid intern. Through those unpaid working years, Josh had a vantage point where he could learn from the best about how to do investing.

Freeland Ventures

He began Freeland Ventures, which is a cash flow investor opportunity. His company works explicitly with apartments in syndications. You will want to listen to the podcast here and hear this process explained by Josh Cantwell in straightforward, clear language. The backbone of Freeland Ventures is in value-add apartments.

Josh will also explain to you the difference between syndication and a fund. Simply put, the idea of syndication is to go out to a group of investors and meet with those investors and have them invest essentially as a group of investors or a pool of investors. Like Josh always says, you can scale through people — and you will want to do this.

How do You Structure Your Investment, so the Bank Wants to Lend to You?

Well, because most of us don’t have $5 Million or $10 Million sitting around waiting to be invested and make the bank more willing — that is where other people come in. So what to understand here is that together we can raise our net worth in a way that can’t happen in any other way.

The Advantage of the Group Investor

In the podcast, you’ll learn how to find your group to work with and how to invest in a deal. This is all truth-soup right here. Each investor will get a preferred return and equity within their value share.

You’ll also hear about how many funds treat investing and syndication. As Josh Cantwell says:

 “We prefer for an accounting purpose, for legal purposes, for liability purposes, we prefer to do these what we call one-off deals where an investor investing knows exactly which deal they’ve invested in.” –Josh Cantwell

By listening with an ear tuned to your own unique circumstances, you’ll be able to gain sound investment knowledge here with Josh. So please listen and gain the valuable understanding you are looking for to build a better lifestyle for yourself and your loved ones.

Image Credit: Vinicius Altava, Pexels, Thank you!

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