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10x Your Investments, Wealth And Lifestyle Freedom (Without The Years Of Trying) By Working 1-On-1 With Justin

“Justin has been coaching and mentoring me for over the last decade. He’s opened my eyes to what it really means to live a lifestyle. Thanks to his advice and the moves I’ve made, our financials are in a great position today...”

Buddy Boyd
Division Manager at Vector Marketing

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Want to keep multiplying your net worth so you can enjoy more wealth and freedom? I can help you get there faster (without the expensive mistakes)

Hi there! 👋

If you don’t already know me, I’m Justin Donald.

I consult with entrepreneurs, executives and hard-working folks from all over the world and show them better ways for achieving wealth and financial freedom.

(Without the decades of working until retirement.)

Once a year, I work with a select few set of investors who are eager to move beyond their current investing success and are looking to:

Learn investing strategies from me directly so they can win bigger and better deals more easily.

Build a powerful portfolio that mirrors my own by working with me closely over the course of a year.

Master lifestyle investing at my level so they’re creating high returns across all their deals — effortlessly.

We do all of this and more inside a highly-intensive engagement called The Lifestyle Investor Lion Program...

Get 20+ years of guaranteed good moves and win decades worth of wealth in just a single year

The Lifestyle Investor Lion Program is 1-on-1 coaching for a full year that acts as a more high-touch, personalized alternative to my mastermind program.

It’s the perfect private training if you’re looking for focused coaching support and want to get results as quickly as possible (without any care for costs)...

By signing up, you’ll be able to:

Power up your portfolio to fit your lifestyle needs

Level up your investing strategies and skills

Gain access to world-class deals and advisors

Overcome any obstacles in your mindset

Master Lifestyle Investing today (not way later)

However, just to be abundantly clear:

This program is NOT for everyone.

It’s for the committed, high-performing investor who is ready to leave their comfort zone, give it their absolute best and take action when necessary.

That’s what it means to be a Lion.

And it’s what it’ll take if you want to reach higher heights in wealth, financial independence and lifestyle freedom the way I have.

So if you feel that’s you and you’re ready…

Then apply to become a Lion in my private client coaching program right now.

Get Started

The Lifestyle Investor Lion Program is currently taking applications

financial mastery

The Lifestyle Investor Lion Program gives you direct access to my expertise, deals and network so you can start succeeding instantly

The moment you become join the program, we’ll be able to work together directly together and take your investing game to unimaginable levels with:

Lion Lifestyle Planning: So that your portfolio is perfectly aligned with your dream lifestyle and personal values.
VALUE: $20,000

Asset Armoring: How to prevent predators, maximize tax savings and leverage unique safe strategies so your investments keep growing for good.
VALUE: $30,000

Lion Deals: Get access to my highly-curated deal flow spanning across multiple asset classes and negotiate for terms that no “outsider” could ever hope to get.
VALUE: $20,000

My Top 25 Deals: Save time on reviewing opportunities by jumping right into guaranteed hits with investments I’ve personally vetted and invested in throughout the recent year.
VALUE: $30,000

10 Commandments Mastery: Discover how to protect your principal, increase equity, negotiate better terms and maximize immediate cash flow across all your investment opportunities.
VALUE: $30,000

Championing Capital: Learn to leverage capital and reduce risk like a Lion (while getting connected to my network of VCs, bankers and firms).
VALUE: $20,000

Time Triumphing: So you’re always keeping lifestyle first by maximizing efficiency by delegating time-consuming tasks whenever possible.
VALUE: $20,000

Superstar Structuring: How to structure your finances flawlessly and instantly with my vetted, referral-only specialists and vendors.
VALUE: $30,000

10x Networking: Get connected and profiting with high-value investors right away with exclusive access to my world-class network.
VALUE: $30,000

Monthly Strategy Stacking: Discover unique investment strategies every month and get the exact steps for hitting home runs with them (even if it’s your first try).
VALUE: $30,000

Lion Language: Learn the language for gaining privileged access to prized investors, thought leaders and "insider” opportunities.
VALUE: $20,000

Documents Deluxe: Grab proven templates and forms for any deal or situation (so you can skip on starting from scratch and get straight to signing right away.)
VALUE: $100,000

Lion Vision: Secure profitable deals and partnerships immediately with criteria that make the opportunities obvious to you (and you alone).
VALUE: $20,000

Lion Level Investing: Discover high-level investment opportunities for generating long-term cash flow today and bigger exits tomorrow.
VALUE: $20,000

Lions Network: Keep growing as a Lion by attending my personal deal meetings and advisory sessions… while connecting with world-class entrepreneurs, founders and CEOs from my very own portfolio.
VALUE: $30,000

And whatever else we can dream up!

By the end of the coaching program, you’ll have the momentum you need for achieving wealth, time and lifestyle freedom at my current level of investing today.

Starting At

$500,000 / year


Here are the steps for getting your results skyrocketing across your investing, wealth and lifestyle freedom instantly...


Building Your Lion Blueprint

Establishing milestones across the full year

Clarifying and confirming your Freedom Vision

Brainstorming asset classes that align with your priorities

Roadmapping For Legendary Results

Outlining initial steps for building momentum

Strategizing for rapid wealth creation

Addressing any and all potential obstacles ahead


Planning Your First Lion Deal

Helping you find your first Lion investment

Auditing your Lion deal across the principles and commandments

Strategizing for winning your first Lion portfolio piece

Compounding Your Confidence Quickly

Running you through real-world scenarios

Analyzing real-life opportunities

Running you through 100+ proven investing strategies

Setting You Up With Monthly Lion Strategies

Reviewing Lion-level investment strategies

Breaking down the exact process for putting it all into action

Equipping you with tools and resources for flawless execution

Leveling You Up With High-Impact Introductions

Sharing with you my personal network of investment, tax and legal advisors

Connecting you with business specialists, service professionals and vendors

Facilitating powerful deal opportunities for you by inviting trusted players from my circle

Equipping You With Weapons For Winning

Giving you the exact legal language I’ve been using in my contracts over the years

Supplying you with proven investment templates

Explaining the documents for structuring deals, protecting assets and everything else


Skyrocketing Your Portfolio Performance

Giving you access to thousands of pre-vetted deals

Showing you opportunities with “invisible deals”

Allowing you to jump into as many deals as you want

Getting Your Cash Flow Pouring

Structuring your investments for MAX tax savings

Helping you reinvest capital strategically so you can keep on growing

Having you enjoy tons of cash flow as of the first quarter

Modelling Your Mindset For Investing Mastery

Getting my advisors to help you steer clear from the “stupid tax”

Pointing out pitfalls to you so you can avoid any expensive mistakes

Teaching you how to conquer your fears so you don’t miss out on any wins

Leveling Up Your Lion Lifestyle

Helping you create more time and energy in your life

Providing you with powerful saving strategies

Showing you how to earn, live and give way more

Building Beyond Your Starting Success

Inviting you to more advanced deals as you mature in your investing

Introducing you to bigger investors and better environments

Increasing the quality and quantity of your deal flow

Initiating You Into The Lions Network

Investing in your growth by inviting you to my deal meetings and advisor sessions

Connecting you with founders and CEOs from my own portfolio

Looking at what else you’d like to conquer as a legendary Lion 🙂

With The Lifestyle Investor Lion Program, you’ll have me coaching your success at every step of the way... so you can start winning without “winging it” right away

To summarize

Don’t waste another day or dollar trying to get to the top on your own...

I must’ve invested nearly $1,000,000+ in my education over the decades...

… attending hundreds of trainings to learn from the best coaches and experts around the world.


Because a Lion can’t waste his clock trying to build his kingdom.

(Or else he won’t have much time left to actually enjoy ruling it...)

It’s why I’m always investing in learning from those who are always WAY ahead of me…

It’s also why I’m making myself available to you as a coach.

So you can skip right over to success immediately with:

Leveling up your wealth

Buying back your free time

Living the life of your dreams

… all within a year.

You absolutely deserve this and have everything it takes to get there.

And I can’t wait for us to meet up and get you winning and living like the Lion you are.

To freedom and fulfilment!

Justin Donald

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