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Recession proof bright future

A Bright Future Requires You to Recession-Proof Your Business

By Justin Donald / May 14, 2023 /

If an economic downturn doesn’t occur, it will be surprising. Inflation has remained tamed for over a year thanks to the Federal Reserve’s interest rate hikes. We have already seen more stringent credit conditions. There are even some regional banks that have closed their doors. However, even the Fed’s staff economists anticipate a recession even…

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Become a Trusted Leader

People Will Follow You When You Become a Trusted Leader

By Justin Donald / May 12, 2023 /

Can you imagine building a business that keeps growing even after you leave? What this means is that you have worked hard, and you’ve built a great business, and when you leave that business, you will be left with the freedom to do other things — while still reaping the rewards from your business’ success.…

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Finding Breakthrough Moments

Finding the Breakthrough Moments that Change Your Life

By Justin Donald / February 17, 2023 /

Are there some areas in your life where you’d like to have a breakthrough? Is it your business, career, health, income, relationship, a challenge you’re facing, or your overall happiness? If you answered “yes” (and I’m assuming you did), do you have a process, a formula, or a system in place that enables you to…

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Invest Like a Boss

When You Invest Like a Boss, a $100M Exit is Easy

By Justin Donald / January 26, 2023 /

Sam Marks is a serial entrepreneur, investor, and globetrotter. As the founder and CEO of, he has co-founded and sold three successful businesses. The company was initially bootstrapped out of the back of a rental car and has grown to be Europe’s largest e-cigarette brand in just four years. It was sold for $100…

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Success Need Not Sacrifice Family

Investor Success Need Not Sacrifice Family

By Justin Donald / January 17, 2023 /

In addition to being a serial entrepreneur, Mike McCarthy also serves as Keller Williams Property Group’s Regional Operating Partner for the Greater Pennsylvania Region. In addition to being a founding member of GoBundance and FamBundance, he is a co-author of a parenting book, “The Miracle Morning for Parents and Families,” and he’s a lifetime member…

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