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Family Man First in Business

Is it Possible to Be a Family Man First in Business?

By Justin Donald / February 4, 2022 /

Have you ever pondered this question? Is it possible to be a family man or woman first if you have a company to run and you are in business? I’m not trying to leave women out with the title that only lists “man.” But I’m a man, so I shouldn’t talk from a woman’s perspective.…

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Jon Vroman

Jon Vroman on What it Means to Be a Family Man First – EP 34

By Justin Donald / June 17, 2021 /

 Jon Vroman On What It Means To Be A Family Man First When I started a family, I made a very intentional decision that I wasn’t going to trade time for money. I knew I wanted to show up at every game, recital, and important activity for my daughter, so I decided I was…

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