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Franchising and Lifestyle Freedom

How Franchising Will Give You Lifestyle Freedom

By Justin Donald / January 13, 2022 /

Almost exactly one year ago, I had Erik Van Horn on my show. Erik knows more about franchising than just about anyone on the planet. No matter where I go — if I talk to someone who knows Erik — they always speak well of him. Like Erik says, “there is a lot of power…

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Erik Van Horn

010: Franchising for the Lifestyle Investor with Erik Van Horn

By Justin Donald / January 7, 2021 /

Many lifestyle investors don’t just want to live life on their terms – they want to use their skills and knowledge to help others do the same. It’s why so many of us use our time to focus on building incredible networks, launch masterminds, and work to become better spouses, parents, and friends. It’s also…

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