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Britnie Turner

Get Access to Britnie’s G-FORCE Live Mastermind – One Session for FREE!

Britnie’s going to let you sit in on one of her G-FORCE live entrepreneurship mastermind sessions that she hosts for paid members every Thursday from 3-5 pm CT. This is an exclusive community of entrepreneurs who have dedicated their lives, businesses, and resources to being a force for good in the world – and she’s giving you a taste for free. If you want to see what some of the most inspiring entrepreneurs are doing to create change in the world, this is your chance to get a peek behind the curtain! Here’s all you have to do…

Email Tori at tori@gforcemastermind.com. In the subject line, include the words LIVE CALL. Let her know that you’re coming from The Lifestyle Investor podcast and that you’d like to sit in on one of the G-FORCE Mastermind calls. She will get you access!


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