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GIVE #1: Get Mac’s Report: 5 Factors Evaluating IF and WHEN You Sell

There are several major factors that need to be considered when evaluating IF and WHEN you might sell your business. Whether you’re truly ready to market the company or you just know it is a potential option in the future, it’s important to look at the (potential) EXIT from many angles. In this report, Mac will help you develop a full 360 degree perspective to ensure you are seeing as many factors as possible. CLICK HERE to get access to the report!

GIVE #2: FREE Assessment Tool to Determine Your Exit Readiness

How sellable is your company? Is it setup to demand maximum value? Mac created a FREE assessment tool after selling six of his own companies (all in seven or eight figure exits) and it’s now helping hundreds more to help determine their EXIT Readiness. You can take the assessment here! 



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